Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Peek Classic

The Peek Classic is a simple inexpensive email (and texting) hand held. Think of it as what the original Blackberry's were like but only thinner, lighter, and cheaper. My first reaction was, "What's the market for such a niche product?" Now here I sit, a Peek owner and fan. What it does, it does very well. I check my email at a glance and feel more connected on the the go or at the client site then I even imagined.

Sure, a smart phone would give me the same experience and more but until the cost and commitments are lower. I'm sticking to a prepaid phone and my little Peek. I use a $30/month prepaid for all my calling and pay $16/month for Peek email. That's more than I'd like and I've seen a $10/month deal I missed but it's cheap considering how often I use the Peek.

Straight Talk Prepaid Cell Phone (Part 2)

This is a good time to followup on my review of Straight Talk prepaid cellular service and the Samsung 451C cellphone. So I'll get right to the point, Straight Talk continues to provide the excellent coverage and quality I was accustom to from my previous provider, Verizon. This isn't unexpected given that Straight Talk runs on the Verizon CDMA network. For the price, this is a clear winner and I expect more people who value ... well VALUE to move to prepaid in the future as the big networks continue to push costly long term commitments and expensive smartphones.

As for the Samsung 451C, this phone has great sound quality and range, average battery life, and a nice slider keyboard for texting. I bought the phone for the internet features and this is where Straight Talk and the Samsung fail miserably. The browser is so slow as to be unusable and Straight Talk disabled Java on the phone making it one of the dumbest phones around. Even reading Gmail on this phone was so painful, that I had to find another email solution but that's a subject for my next post.

So if you are looking for basic cellular service and great reliability at price that's hard to beat, go Straight Talk but choose one of the cheaper phone since the data features are minimal at best.