Sunday, March 7, 2010

My first "real job" was working for a machine vision guided robotics startup and ever since I've been hooked on robots. OK, there is a bit of boyish love of toys there as well but robots have a magical appeal I don't feel just writing software. So it's not surprising that when I recently came across artist Mike Rivamonte's metal sculptures of robots and spacemen, I was mesmerized by every tiny detail.

I'm normally not an art lover. That's my wife's strong suit and our home is beautifully decorated with her photos, artwork, and collectible finds. Not that I could afford one of these works but I think we could lose one vase for one of these bad boys. Doesn't everyone's home need a little retro techno cool?

Monday, March 1, 2010

MONOCHRON - Ultimate Pong Clock

I've seen a number of cool retro clocks recently but the MONOCHRON takes top honors. The folks at Adafruit have produced a really beautiful open source kit but the clean industrial design by Amanda 'w0z' Wozniak sets this clock apart. Nice job ... gals.